God is his own revelation

Christ is God’s revelation; his self-revelation. It would have been easier if God had simply given us a book of rules – here, do this, and I will do that. A certain sort of Protestant Christian thinks the Bible is just that. Or maybe if he had given us a juridical authority – here, just do what this man says. A certain sort of Catholic Christian thinks that the Church is just that.

But God didn’t do that. He chose rather to give us himself.

It is all much more messy. Because human life is messy. It is all much more ambiguous. Because every human being is ambiguous. It requires, furthermore, probably the most messy and ambiguous thing that human existence affords – a relationship with another. It would have been so much simpler if God had just said ‘here, do what this book says’, or ‘do what this man says’. But God isn’t like that.

Thank God!


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