This blog is very much ad experimentum, and is likely to remain so. I expect a few relaunches and title changes before I settle on a permanent format.

The title Vivarium comes from the monastery founded by Cassiodorus in the 6th century. In it he sought to represent classical culture in a Christian form. We too, in the West, live in an age in which traditional values need to be recast if they are to be explicable to the world at large.

The first few posts on this blog tell you a bit about me. I am an English Anglican, who spent 20 years as a Roman Catholic, but now has returned to the Church of his youth. Actually, for good reasons. I see that ambiguity – about God, about me, about my sexuality (which isn’t actually ambiguous, but its intersection with faith is) is not something to run from. It is where God is to be found. And in an ambiguous age, in which metanarratives no longer seem to satisfy, it is in that ambiguity that we can best transmit the faith too.

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  1. Dear Ian, Thanks for your appreciation of my blog kiwianglo.
    I have just taken the liberty of re-blogging your excellent review of the Father Harry Williams biography. I hope that’s alright? Agape, Fr. Ron

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